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  • The German Enigma Cipher Machine

  • Enigma code wheels, many thanks to James Starbird

  • "The Hut 6 Story" for sale

  • Historic Enigma Messages courtesy of Dave Penney

  • Some good books on the code breakers sent to us by Dave Wentzel, KD4ITI:                                    --"The HUT SIX Story"  by: Gordon Welchman Welchman worked in Hut Six through the war. Their job was to break the Luftwaffe (or Red) Code. They were the first to break the code.                                        --"Seizing the Enigma"  by:  David Kahn                       How they broke the Navy (or U-Boat) Code.                   --"Code Breakers"   by:  F H Hinsley & Alan Stripp       The inside story of Bletchley Park.                                    --  Also a Good Documentary on DVD:  "Breaking The Codes"    by: DigiCom TV  -  a two part Documentary Part 1 - The Rise of Enigma                                          Part 2 - The Triumph of the Codebreakers             www.

  • Alan Turing's biographer:  Andrew Hodges' website

  • German Cipher machines



This is the Library. In the Library are PDF copies of codebooks, various manuals, etc. There are a couple codebooks in English for comparison to some of the original German documents. These are free to download, and are all in the public domain.

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