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1.  Unzip and install the Codebook Tool that you downloaded in Step 2.  Please check the readme file before installation.

2.  Click on the Engima Codebook Tool icon listed under Programs on your computer.

3.  Click on the word "Codebook" in the toolbar located at the top of the screen.

4.  Click on "Create."

5.  Type-in your own personal "Codename Net."  I used "U571" after the name of the movie!

6.  For "Month," use the drop-down menu to select the month that you want.  I used "December."

7.  For "Year," click, backspace, and type-in the war year that you want.  I used "1944."

8.  Click on the "Save Folder" box.

9.  Choose where you want to save your codesheet.  (For example, you can save your sheet to your desktop or create a folder on the C: drive.)

10. Click "OK."

11. Confirm that the Enigma Model reads "3-rotor Wehrmacht/Luftwaffe" or the model that you and your message partner will be using.

12. Click on "Create."  A pink sample code page will appear.

13. To print this sample code page, double-click on the file that you saved on the desktop or C:\ drive, and then click on "File" and "Print."


NOTE:  If you generate a second codesheet with the same date, you will get other key settings.
Each generated codesheet is unique and cannot be reproduced. If anyone could produce the same codesheet again and again, it would not be secret anymore! The program isn't a codebook. It generates unique codesheets. Once a codesheet is generated, one has to distribute the codesheet text file or a printed version amongst the users. A program that would generate the same key over and over would compromise the secrecy of the keys.



Normally, at this step in the encoding process, you would use a program called the Codebook Tool to create a codesheet that has the Enigma machine settings that both you and the receiver need to encipher and decipher the message.  To make this step easier, I have provided 24 codesheets that you can choose from to easily encode or decode a message.  For our first practice message, we will use the U571 December 1944 codesheet.  Click here to download this codesheet, if you have not already done so in Step 2.



More detailed instructions on how to generate other codesheets are provided below.  You can use these more advanced instructions when you have acquired more experience and skill using Enigma.

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