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Decrypting a Kreigsmarine 4-rotor Basic Procedure


M4-UKW = B

M4-UKW = C



Decrypting a Kriegsmarine 4-rotor message


Note:  The Kriegsmarine 4-rotor Enigma machines (M4) are more complex than the 3-rotor Wehrmacht versions.  This procedure takes for granted that you already know the basic Enigma operating steps that are used with the 3-rotor machines and that you are ready to advance to a more challenging level of Enigma activity.  We have selected the sample message from the Basic Procedure Encrypting and Sending a Kriegsmarine 4-Rotor Message as our example in this procedure. You will, of course, use your own received message to decrypt.

To view this entire procedure, please click on "The Kriegsmarine Basic Decrypting Procedure" bullet below.

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