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The Text Box

You can display the plaintext and ciphertext together in a little text box at the bottom of the Enigma by clicking the lock [18] on the wooden box. Use the DEL or Backspace keys to clear this text box. Click again on the lock to hide the text box. This text box is useful when processing large pieces of text.

The Auto Typing Function

If you have a large amount of plaintext or ciphertex that needs to be typed, you can use the Auto Typing function.
This function is called from the Enigma menu. In the Auto Typing window you can type, edit or paste pieces of
text, or retrieve the content of the clipboard. You can select four different speeds of typing. Select ‘Start’ when
your text is ready for processing. Auto Typing is aborted by pressing the ESC key. Make sure that all setting are
finished and the rotors are in the proper start position before starting the Auto Typing.

Note: Auto Typing will only process alphabet characters and ignore all other characters (figures, punctuations and
spaces). When decrypting a message, make sure that there are no Kenngruppen included (see procedure later
on) or delete the Kenngruppen from the text window.

The Smart Clipboard


You can call the Smart Clipboard from the Enigma menu or by clicking inside the text box at the bottom of the
Enigma. You can select various ways to format and transfer text to the clipboard. When formatted for ciphertext,
the output is arranged in groups of five letters for the Wehrmacht machine and groups of four letters for both
Naval M3 and M4 machines.

Save and Load Machine Settings

Loading, saving, deleting and viewing the key settings is available from the simulator menu. The machine settings
can be saved with the .eni extension. On start-up the simulator will be loaded with the last used settings. If no
settings file was found on start-up, the default settings are loaded and a message is displayed.

Enabling or Disabling the Sounds

The sound effects can be disabled through the simulator menu. The sound is automatically muted when the “Very
Fast option” is chosen during Auto Typing.

Exiting the Simulator

To exit the Enigma simulator, select Exit in the simulator menu. If the key settings are changed, you will be
prompted to save the current rotor and plug settings (the rotor start positions are never saved)

Photo Gallery

Select the Gallery in the simulator menu to view a series of photos of Enigma machines.

Cryptanalysis and Test Mode

For cryptanalysis and testing purposes there are two special features:
You can hold down an Enigma letter key, by means of the PC keyboard, and at the same time move a rotor
manually by clicking the rotor thumb wheel with your mouse. This way, for a given key, you can observe the
ciphering output lamps change while turning the rotors by hand.
You can disable the rotor advance mechanism by using the F10 key. A warning will be displayed above the
rotors. Use F10 again to restore the rotor advance mechanism.

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